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In 1862 the church was listed building.

The works are executed between 1849 and 1854. The total expenditure amounted to the sum of 81,000 francs, 49,000 francs allocated by the state, 22,000 francs given by Marie Antoinette Louise Rocca Rambuteau (1812 - 1880) link.gifdaughter of the Earl of Rambuteau, and 10,000 francs left in the care of residents, who have paid the contribution, through benefits.

The building was restored by Mr Eugene Millet, architect of Historical Monuments, a disciple of Viollet-Le-Duc (1819-1879). He erected a square tower southeast of the transept to serve as stairs to the belfry. The main facade of the church will receive a beautiful flight of 18 steps ..

Just a few years a volunteer began cleaning pillars invaded by moisture, polishes the Way of the Cross which is not noticed as it is oxidized, making the confessional its original beauty, scours the doors of three inputs, once painted, giving them back their natural look of wood and showcasing engraved hardware. This action "gave impetus" to continue what he started. From there was born the Association on 17 July 2004.

In 2007 the City Council replaces a bell flap and began repairing the church roof tiles by transplanting.

In 2010 the automatic lighting of the choir and the ambulatory is installed. Sconces are asked to replace neon This work is funded 100% by the Association.

The structure of the belfry is changed completely, lamp sounds are installed on the windows, avoiding the birds to enter. The work is supported by the Association (50%) and D.R.A.C. (50%).

In 2012 the diamond-shaped and stained glass windows are installed, 60% funded by the Association and 40% by D.R.A.C. This is the workshop "Light and Shadow" that the created. fences come protect them. These are supported 100% by the Association.

In 2014, the west facade is completely restored by cleaning and repointing of stone with old. The Association participates for 57%, helped by the local Agency Credit Agricole The shelf, which allocates € 1,600 for this restoration. The D.R.A.C. participates for 43%.

The stairs to the main entrance and the stairs and the supporting wall undergo the same repair the facade. To complete this work, 100% financed by the Association, ramps are installed, allowing secure access to the building.

In 2015 there were no works, but a reflection on the project of a new construction site(work), which for a long time, means a lot to us. The side staircase is in very poor condition, as well as the threshold of the door, side War memorial. Together with the Municipality, the pose(installation) of an electric horsemanship-staircase is envisaged, for the disabled people or with reduced mobility, allowing to all, to take advantage of the visit of our beautiful church. This installation would answer the wait(expectation) of residents' families of the HEPAD neighbor, and numerous visitors - estimated(esteemed) in the 5000 / year - who, to date, cannot all reach the church. - no subsidies of the DRAC-.
In the coming years, it will be the roof which will require important works. It will pull(entail) considerable spending(expenses)

In 2016, the statues of the church are in restoration(catering) by the workshop(studio) " La Relieuse ", Mrs Sylvia Corpet de Beaubery. The work is done on site, later puts down(deposits,gives evidence), by the company Nicolas Geoffray: cleaning, reshaping of hands, fingers, etc., paints(paintings) of sober colors, more in agreement with the style of the church .

In July, 2017, the staircase of 10 walking, side in the main facade West was completely replaced stone of Burgundy. He had become over time impracticable and dangerous. This refurbishment was hardly appreciated by the carriers of the piano of about 800 kg, forwarded with a universal carrier, during the Festival of music in Brionnais from 1st till 5 August of this year. The work was taken care to 100% by the Association.

In 2018, installation of a lifting platform for people with reduced mobility, south side.

One can join at any time (free subscription). Do not hesitate to join us !


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